Time for a first feedback about our air-to-air heat pump

Winter is almost gone now and the installed SCANHEAT SIMA Air-to-Air Heat Pump did a great job to heat our office. From 15/10/2014 until today, we spent a total amount of €46.16 to run this heat pump. Mostly we run the device on the lowest heating temperature of 17° Celsius. On some cold days we increased the heating performance up to 21°, which is still far away from the maximum heating output of 30°C.

Compared with the standard electric radiator, we used before, our office is much cosier now by spending way less money for heating. If you consider a cheap and hazzle free heating solution for up to 60m² space, you should think about an air-to-air heat pump. No matter if you want to heat a mobile home, cottage, small office, conservatory, flat ior whatever.

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