Airtightness needs more attention during the construction stage

The best airtightness installation is completely worthless in case of "improvements" and "changes" caused by other tradesmen afterwards.

Based on our experience, we´ve collected so far at Irish construction sites, we would highly recommend the launch of two measures to ensure the best airtightness results during the complete construction stage and afterwards:


1. Training and sensitisation of other affected trades (e.g. plumbers, electricians,

    drywall installers) regarding how to deal properly with airtight installations.


2. The execution of the mandatory airtightness test for new buildings should be done

    after the finishing of the airtight installation and completion of ducting and wiring

    but definitely before the slabbing.


Our aim is, to ensure the best achievable standard for our clients. We know how hard it is, to get out of worn out shoes but the success of new building technologies depends on progressive thinking.




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