It´s wintertime (for sites too)

Dampness during the contruction stage will cause trouble during winter



Please consider the low temperatures at the moment which rise the risk of condensation.

Irish plasterers do great internal plastering works but during their work, they bring plenty of dampness into the building. Despite the installation of vapour membranes upfront, the moisture in the attic rises significantly and can create damages on the insulation material and building structure.

There are two reasons for:

No. 1 - We mostly use vapour retarders because we want to achieve a low difussion resistance in the summer time for a rapid drying of the building structure

No. 2 - In 9 out of 10 buildings the opening for the attic door is not temporarily sealed during the construction stage


Please ventilate your building during the construction stage very well (especially in the winter time), to get the high amount of moisture out of the building instead of in to your attic and insulation.

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