Reasonable and air tight attic stairs available

We want to offer a full range of valuable air tight products.

That´s why we supply air tight attic stairs now as well. These stairs are equipped with some really good details like a double locking mechanism, an ultra-thick hatch of 87mm thickness, an approved u-value of 0.59 (which can increased down to 0.37 by using a second hatch on top) and a class 4 air tight rating.

The entire frame is made of solid wood instead of chip board, as seen on a German manufacturer. Even the stair is made in Austria, the price is very competitive. Please feel free to enquire for more details.

During the installation process we took plenty of attention for the proper sealing around the stair. Beside the included self-expanding foam tape, we sealed the joint around the stair with caulk. The gap between the stair frame and the ceiling beams was insulated with mineral wool and taped to the attic side with an air tight tape.

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