New Membranes and Roof Sealings arrived

We´re continiously extending of our product range.


Active 3 is a new Vapour Control Membrane with stronger performance values, compared to our standard membrane.


To supply a full roof sealing system, we´re stocking now two different types of breathable roof membranes as well. The Classic Roof Membrane, made of 3 layers with a weight of roughly 120 gramm per square meter. The Strong Roof Membrane has 4 layers and a weight of roughly 160 gramm per square meter. Both membranes have a sd value of 0.02 and a UV resistance of up to 4 months. All our membranes are CE certified.


Beside the new mebranes we supply  lead alternatives for chimney sealings and roof valleys.


All new products are on display in our shop in Tralee.


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