Air Tight Paint arrived

Is there a need for air tight paint?

Honestly, I was smiling when I saw the Soudatight LQ air tight paint the first time at the window exhibition Frontale in Nuremberg this March. My first thought was: "What a nonsense".


Now, I stock this paint because I found various applications, where the paint will beat other air tight solutions and even the most cheap and cheerful version of sand and cement.

I recommend the paint to my clients, whenever they need to get the wall area above the mf ceiling sealed or for uncovered parts of the wall within the envelope area (mostly the dwarf walls in the roof structure). I would also use the paint for the sealing of Quinnlite blocks at the perimeter, before the underfloor heating and the screed goes in.


The manufacturer states a consumption of 0.5 kg to 1 kg per square meter, depending on the roughness of the surface. The best reason for the paint is the fact, that everyone should be able to paint, whilst not anybody is good enough to create a proper plaster.

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