The ecological aspect of cavity wall insulation

It´s everytime the same frustrating result when it comes to cavity wall insulation. I completely disagree with statements from authorities like SEAI " ...if the house has cavity walls, the application of insulation within the cavity is generally the most cost-effective solution, where the walls are suitable for this solution."


Beside the fact that I haven´t seen a 100% insulated house, by pumping/ blowing beads into the cavity, the (more or less) complete filling of cavities works completely contrary against the initial principle of a cavity wall structure.


But the worst fact regarding this type of insulation can be seen on the photos above. What does a "cost-effictive solution" mean for the environment (and for all of use at the end of the day), is more than scary.

It´s time to treat the ecological aspect of this insulation material with more dignity. Otherwise we´ll eat soon or later beads instead of beans.

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