Revolutionary Down Light Covers arrived

The perfect down light cover is here

I have seen plenty of attempts to create the perfect air tight cover for recess lights so far. Some of my clients have been built their own boxes, some companies have developed more or less suitable solutions, some people might still use upside down flowerpots ...


I´m delighted to present one of the most revolutionary solution to solve almost all recess light problems regarding air tightness and heat protection now.


These completely new engineered down light covers are suitable for new builds and retrofit as well. They are available in two dimensions. The smaller one is suitable for recess lights up to 70mm diameter, whilst the bigger one fits recess lights up to 81mm. Both versions are equipped with stretchable pockets for the fixing clips and an extension for recess light holders with tilt.

The down light cover can be easily installed from down below, by just having the right diameter cored with a holesaw.


Please notice that these down light covers are suitable for LED bulbs or LED recess lights only. You can install LED´s with 9W (70mm diameter) or 10W (81mm) maximum performance only.