How to continue the performance of air tight materials when it´s getting colder

Now, when the days are getting shorter and the temperatures dropping, it´s time to consider some additional settings to keep up the performance of air tight materials.

First of all it´s important to understand how the most products work. The bonding performance of all self-adhesive air tight tapes depends to the temperature. To achieve the best bonding performance, the most manufacturers recommend a proceeding temperature of 20°Celsius. It´s almost impossible to create such an ambient temperature during the installation process of air tight materials in the winter. But you can do some small adjustments to create almost the same effect:


1. Do not leave air tight tapes, sealants and expanding foam in your van or an unheated storage over night or for a longer period.


2. Alway store the air tight products in a warm place, e.g. heated storage, utility or hot press


3. Carry the air tight products in an insulated case to the site and keep them as long as possible in there. Cases like cooling boxes are well insulated and will work the opposite way too.


4.  Check the substrates at your site regarding dampness before you apply the air tight products. The most tapes and sealants do not work on damp materials.


5. Do the taping of the installed air tight membranes the same day, to prevent a lack of bonding performance due to condensation at the surface of the membrane.



Finally please keep in mind that almost all air tight products for taping and sealing will achieve their full bonding performance not until after 24 hours.  If you want to test how good the tape or sealant sticks to a membrane or other surface, apply the product and leave it for at least 24 hours before trying to peel away.

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