How to install windows outside of the block work?

New buildings and retrofits with high insulation standards require special attention to details. External wall insulation becomes more and more popular and is a serious alternative to the traditional cavity walls.


But how do you want to install the windows in a secure and approved way, when you have to shift them into the external insulation layer?


Even in professional publications like the Passive House Plus Magazine, you can find in almost every issue a detail of what you shouldn´t do. Timber and plywood, as often seen, are not an option to act as a window bracket system. Customised steel brackets do lower the thermal insulation performance. What else could you use, to install the windows in an approved, secure and Passive House certified way?


By introducing the new Triotherm Window Bracket System, we provide a complete solution for every requirement. The bars are made of high density polystyrene foam and carry 200kg weight 

per linear meter. They get bonded to the wall with a special polymer adhesive and secured with mechanical fixings. Every bar comes with a patented dove tail joint, to allow a seamless extension for all required dimensions.

The system is available in different widths from 70mm to 220mm cantilever arm. Every available width is approved and certified to fulfill the regulations for thermal insulation, fire rating, load and even Passive House standard.


For more details and prices, please feel free to contact us.

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