Access to HRV units outside of the air tight envelope

Air Tight & Insulated  Access Door for HRV units

Almost every new build is equipped with a ventilation system nowadays and the most popular type is still the conventional ducted hrv system.

Not every house is designed, to have the HRV unit installed somewhere inside of the air tight envelope. In many projects the unit is placed in crawl or attic spaces outside of the air tight barrier.

Because of the required permanent access to these units for cleaning and maintenance, the hatch/ door needs attention regarding insulation and air tightness. Weak solutions will lower the overall energy efficiency of the building by causing air infiltration and heat loss.

Furthermore the hatch/ door has to be made in a certain size to allow bringing spare parts through or changing the complete unit in the worst case.

By considering all these parameters, we developed an air tight access door/ hatch with a user-friendly dimension for almost every hrv unit. All you need is an opening size of 800 x 900mm.


You can purchase the air tight access door/ hatch for hrv units easy and secure in our onlinestore.







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