The newest benefit of Belgacoat Brush & Spray Air Tight Paint

You´ve probably heard about the advantages of Belgacoat air tight paint, when it comes to durable air tight layers in certain parts of the building. 


But the Belgacoat air tight paint is much more than a standard coating for air tightness. The product was recently tested for another interesting purpose - as a barrier against Radon and succeeded the test, carried out by a certified testing laboratory of a renowned European university.


Beside the fact that the Belgacoat air tight paint passed the test, the overall performance of the coating is amazing. The coating works better than a conventional membrane when it comes to Radon protection of buildings. And there are two further advantages:

No. 1 - The coating is continous bonded to the surface, which reduces the risk of tear and wear.

No. 2 - There´s no risk of leaky overlaps or joints around perforations through the Radon membrane anymore.


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