The advantage of monolithic membranes as a weather shield for timber frame buildings

The monolithic membrane Belgawall B1 guarantees the ideal protection of your timber cladding for at least 10 years.
Belgawall B1 is a unique membrane for house wraps with a 10 year UV resistance guarantee and B1 fire-rating.

Our sincerest congratulations to a competitor in the West of Ireland, who launched a new membrane for air tightness, wind tightness and water tightness just a few days ago. We do strongly hope that they´ve just made a mistake in their datasheet and the UV resistance of their product will be in reality longer than the 3 months, as printed currently in the specs.


Timber frame houses do provide a great potential for affordable and ecological houses.


Whilst the majority of these structures is still covered with an additional block on the outside, more and more architects and self-builders prefer a partly open cladding of the facade nowadays, to make the look of their building more unique and not comparable to a conventional cavity-wall/ block-built house.


When the first designers started with such external claddings, they noticed that they have to install a very good membrane underneath, to protect the following insulation layer and the building structure against the ingress of water, snow and wind.


Suitable membranes have been there from day one, but as always - architectural trends do mostly go in the direction "less is more".


Whilst the first claddings have been installed like a ship-lap, the latest variations do prefer to have space in between the single cladding boards or planks.


It should be understandable that such "open claddings" are just there for aesthetical reasons and the complete protection of the building has to be delivered by the membrane.


But do you really want to see printed or disintegrating membranes through the joints of your exterior cladding?


To prevent such accidents, some manufacturers have been developed so called monolithic membranes in recent years.


The Belgawall B1 membrane for house wraps is made of the same principle and exceeds the standards, by having a certified B1 fire rating and a 10 year guarantee for UV resistance.