The comperative of air tight paint

It is always our aim to supply solutions for better building details.

You´ve probably heard about the advantages of air tight paint so far. 

We´d like to introduce the next generation of brushable coatings:


Belgacoat LR - a water tight & UV resistant liquid membrane


The field of applications for Belgacoat LR is even wider than the one for conventional air tight paint. 

We´d like to show some examples down below, where Belgacoat LR can solve common problems:

The best house wrap for timber frame structures is

useless by having no functional strategy of how to join (and seal) to the foundation level. The foundation blocks on the photo do require a water tight sealing strategy too.

Not every cowboy is riding a horse, especially when it comes to the eve detail, where the roof membrane has to be joined to the gutter. The membrane will dissipate because of a limited UV resistance (9 months maximum) soon or later. And as a bonus you can listen to your private percussion concert in stormy nights.

Bitumen flashings and air tight tapes for external applications do require the perfect substrate and a pre-treatment as well, to ensure their permanent sealing performance. The successful application of such products is completly dependent to certain weather conditions as well. The most tapes do not have a permanent UV resistance.

There´s either a miracle or a magician needed, for the permanent water tight sealing underneath this floor depth window. Furthermore the plasterer needs to invent a new strategy, how to plaster to the EPDM membrane. In the most cases, the EPDM membrane will be partially bonded to the surface by using some beads of mastic, which makes it even more difficult for the plasterer and increases the risk of condensation underneath the EPDM.

Are you in need of more details about Belgacoat LR?

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