Window Taping - mistakes you should prevent

The air tight taping of windows and doors is an important detail to secure a good air tightness performance for the building. You can find plenty of videos and manuals online, of how to do this work in an adequate way.

But have you ever come across with just one picture, that clearly explains what you should prevent? 

As always - a picture is worth a thousand words, even to explain mistakes.

  1. The reveal has been scudded prior the window taping, which leads to an insufficient bonding performance of self-adhesive window tapes. Such tapes do require a smooth substrate and sometimes additional primer.
  2. The perforations in the tape must be coated with plaster. Generally this type of tape is not recommended when the reveal is clad with plasterboard.
  3. Taping to the protective film at the window frame is never an option.
  4. Taping to far to the window frame will leave parts of the tape visible when everything is completely finished.
  5. Extending window straps need to be covered with air tightness tape to make the entire taping air tight.
  6. The taping around the corner is simply a disaster, because of the wide gap left between tape and block.

If you´re in need of guidance to select the right product and strategy for taping/ sealing around your windows, please get in contact with us.