Supply of air tightness materials during COVID19 crisis

First of all, none of us has any experience with the current situation and the latest measures to prevent the further spread of COVID19 should be supported by everyone.


I got plenty of enquiries over the last two days in regards to further supply of air tightness products. Especially by knowing that prodomo Ireland supplies a big number of self-builders all over the country with air tightness products and solutions, I decided to continue the supply of such products in compliance with current regulations.

That means that air tightness products like membranes, tapes and sealants can be ordered as before by phone (066 4014045) or online through our webshop.


Please note that the local air tightness shop in Tralee is not accessable for clients until further notice. 


As coming from today, the couriers will work in the next week as normal as possible. If there would be any change, I´ll forward this information immediately.


My main intention in the current situation is, to give self-builders the option for continuing their own projects as good as possible. Also, I´m not interested in claiming for any state subsidies for my business at all. 


My sincerest wishes in regards to health and wellbeing to all of you. I hope we´ll beat the virus soon and go back to normal life again.



Sincerely yours

Philip Nickol

Managing Director