Door threshold without thermal bridging

The photos above show the same door from inside and outside. You probably noticed the difference between the photos at the top and bottom.


Unfortunately it´s still a common practice here in Ireland, that doors will be installed without any appropriate support under their threshold. Some blocks to the left and right to adjust the required height and off we go!

Load bearing, Thermal Bridging, Insulation? The most installers would probably answer in a charming way: "I´m not getting paid for!"


Thankfully the most self-builders, architects, engineers and passive house consultants have noticed the importance of the door threshold detail already. But some of them do still chase the right strategy and product...


When I started my business here in Ireland, I was always recommending adjustable brackets as I have used them in Germany approximately 15 years ago. These metal brackets were ideal for the load bearing support of the doors but unfortunately the problem with thermal bridging had to be solved separately.


Due to increased requirements in regards to the conservation of fuel and energy, new materials and products have been introduced over the last few years. I´m delighted to have a straight forward product/ solution in my portfolio nowadays, which supports any type of door (entrance door, french door, sliding door, bi-fold door) and guarantees a thermal bridging free door threshold detail with good insulation values. The material is certified and resistant against dampness and rot.


Please feel free to ask about further details of our thermal insulation bracket for door thresholds.