new tapes for air tightness arrived

Two new tapes for air tightness applications (mainly for taping membranes and other air tightness layers) have been introduced recently:


prodomo BLACK SR

A further development of our popular prodomo BLACK air tightness tape. prodomo BLACK SR is a corner tape with split release of 12mm/48mm. The tape was mainly designed for taping roof windows and standard windows to membranes and similar air tightness layers. The 12mm wide part has the perfect width for taping to the frame.

prodomo BLACK SR is made for internal and external applications.

Belgatape PREMIUM

The first LDPE air tightness tape in our supply range, which can be torn off the roll by hand. No need for additional knives or scissors, to cut the tape.

Belgatape PREMIUM is UV resistant as well and can be used for applications on the inside and outside of your building.

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