Quick "updated" update for air tightness training as per 05.03.2021

"Updated" update from 05.03.2021

As per 5th of March with no sign of any further lift of the Level 5 Covid restrictions within the next 4 weeks, we don´t expect to provide real training courses in our air tightness training facility before Summer 2021. 


Over the last 4 months we´ve invested time and capital to establish an air tightness training facility in our premise in Tralee. The initial plan was, to roll out efficient training courses about air tightness applications like window taping and installation of air tightness membranes for self-builders and professional tradesmen from October 2020 onwards on a continuous base.


We always want to comply with all necessary regulations and even restrictions, to prevent a further spread of the Corona virus.  That´s why we´ve decided to postpone all air tightness trainings at least until Mid January 2021.

As you might know yourself, we´re currently operating on modified level 3 restrictions with essential movement in the county only.

It´s never our aim, to bring our clients into situations where they´re might breaking regulations or creating even a risk for themselves.


In the beginning of January 2021 we´ll be doing a re-assessment about the potential chance of providing air tightness trainings within the next weeks. In case that face-to-face trainings remain unsecure, we´ll be focusing to supply online training modules, to support all our existing and prospective clients as good as possible under the current circumstances.


Stay safe and please continue to follow the guidelines to keep us all safe.