Why to choose prodomo Ireland?

Because experience & quality is not replaceable.

Everyone knows someone who seems to be educated about construction details and air tightness. Unfortunately it is mostly just superficial knowledge.

The best and most expensive product is pointless as long as the installer has no knowledge (or interest) about sufficient installation work.

Here are some photos, where the delivered work needs to be upgraded afterwards:

All photos were taken recently on different sites, where the installation work was done by tradesmen

Hi, I´m Philip - the founder and owner of prodomo Ireland.

I´m a native German and have lived in Ireland since summer 2012. The uniqueness of the Emerald Isle fascinated me since my first holiday trip in 1994. After more than 20 visits I decided to leave Germany and settle in The Kingdom of Kerry.

I was self-employed in the German construction business for more than 15 years. Mostly I´ve worked doing 2nd fixing carpentry work and was specialising in airtight sealings and highly efficient insulation solutions.


I also got the chance to work as CTO (chief technical officer) in a property management company during my last four years in Germany. This task deepened my already existing knowledge of building details and energy savings.


I believe in the necessety of high quality work to get the best performance out of every building.

We´re all spending plenty of our lifetime in our homes, to have a secured, sheltered and cosy place to live. We want to enjoy our homes instead of struggling with building issues.