Air Tightness from Kerry?

So far Kerry has been famous for its beaches & mountains and probably the football teams too. 

Since we´ve been focused to the air tightness and energy conservation of buildings, a growing number of people all over the country notices that qualified professionals are available even in parts of rural Ireland, like here in Tralee, Co. Kerry.


Our aim is always, to supply products and strategies to achieve the highest air tightness standards for clients all over Ireland. That´s why we´re doing a permanent research and testing of all supplied air tightness products regarding their suitability for Irish buildings. Furthermore we´re working on a permanent improvement of different installation strategies, to make the air tightness trade as easy and efficient as possible.


There´s one thing that we can guarantee for our air tightness solutions:  If they work in Kerry, they work anywhere in Ireland.



The small timeline shows the permanent improvement of our air tigtness strategies