Air Tightness from Kerry?

So far Kerry has been famous for its beaches & mountains and probably the football team(s) too. 

Since we´ve been focused to the air tightness and energy conservation of buildings, a growing number of people all over the country notices that qualified German professionals  are available even in parts of rural Ireland, like here in Tralee, Co. Kerry.


It´s always our aim, to supply products and strategies for achieving the best air tightness practice for clients all over Ireland.

Therefore we´re doing a permanent research and testing of all supplied air tightness products regarding their suitability for Irish buildings. Furthermore we´re working on a permanent improvement of different installation strategies, to make the air tightness trade as easy and efficient as possible.


By the end there´s one thing we can guarantee for sure: 

If air tightness works in Kerry, it works anywhere in Ireland.



The small timeline shows the permanent improvement of prodomo Ireland´s air tightness expertise