Air Tight Paint - the common solution

In recent years we all noticed how important it is, to create a full air tightness strategy, which includes all parts of the building.

The more air tight we make a building, the more attention we have to put into small details, to prevent the enhanced risk of uncontrolled air infiltration through these areas. 

Spots like chasings for conduits on exterior walls or junctions between floor and walls are becoming more and more important when it comes to a functional air tightness with values of 1.5 ACH (air changes per hour) or less.

But how can you make such areas steadily air tight? By using air tight membranes, tapes or plaster coating?

All three solutions above will create an air tight layer but in the most cases there is an easier alternative available:

Belgacoat Air Tight Paint

Advantages for the use of air tight paint:

  • easy and fast to apply
  • no additional trade (plasterer) required
  • perfect bonding to almost every substrate without additional pre-treatment
  • no risk of damaging the air tight layer by following trades
  • very low emmissions
  • one solution for new builds and renovations
  • creates a barrier against Radon as well
  • brushable and sprayable version available

We´re using and selling air tight paint since 2016.

It was originally developed for sealing the joints around windows, which does not work for the most buildings here in Ireland because of the cavity wall structure. But there are plenty of other options, where the air tight paint will beat any other air tightness strategy.


Please feel free to get in contact with us, to discuss your current project.


Samples for the application of Air Tight Paint: