Air Tight Taping for windows & doors

The best insulated window is worthless without having the surrounding joints completely sealed. The sealing ensures airtightness and vapour control.

Expanding foam is not bad for insulation but won´t protect against structural damages, caused by dampness.

That´s the reason why window taping is so important. The proper installed tapes prevent draughts, heatloss and damages like mould, caused by condensation.

Technical Regulations


In order to create a functional sealing for connection joints of windows and exterior doors,

the following requirements must be met :


- Separation of different functional levels and functional areas (e.g. weather protection, heat loss, vapour control).

- Protection of the connection joint from outside and room side loads.

- The connection joints around windows and doors have to be airtight all round on the inside.


The external protection of connection joints should be done weathertight but breathable, to allow a controlled exhaust of moisture through the structure to the outside.


To avoid building damages caused by dampness, the element, joint and wall has to be treated as an entire system.


Water vapour diffusion behavior of sealing systems


In case that moisture can not escape to the outside in a controlled manner, the diffusion behavior of the proposed building sealing system must be considered. A vapour variable sealing on the inner side could be an option.

Here´s a short sample how we work to achieve the best airtightness for windows:

We offer various options for the airtight sealing of windows & doors. Most of the taping is done internally but in some cases a taping on the outside should be considered as well.


Beside the popular taping, which is mostly used in new buildings, we offer a special sealing system to ensure the demanded airtightness on existing windows.

Please feel free to ask for more details.