Delivering complete air tightness for self builders

To built the own house is a once in a lifetime adventure and challenge, that especially self-builders want to realise in the most professional and efficient way. It´s important to have the right support selected for the different trades and construction stages. 

A good air tightness  performance is achievable by taking attention to following details:

  • Buy the required materials from a competent supplier, ideally with a proofen experience in air tightness installation work
  • Book a consultation/ training prior to your installation, to learn some details and tricks upfront
  • Make sure you have paid attention to all relevant building details - the whole building envelope affects the air tight performance
  • Monitor the quality of your installation by performing a preliminary air tightness test during the construction stage


The earlier you create an air tightness strategy for your self-build, the better will be the result for the air tightness performance.

Modern houses nowadays do mostly operate with sophisticated energy saving systems like under floor heating, heat pumps and heat recovery ventilation. It is a fact, that these systems require a very good air tightness level to run in an efficient and cost effective way.


The air change rate at 50Pa differential pressure (ACH@50Pa) should not exceed a value of 1.5. This means nothing else than the complete air in the building gets changed 1.5 times per hour through leakages in the building envelope, whenever a wind with a speed of roughly 36km/h is constantly blowing .

What kind of support do you need for air tightness?