Supporting self-builders for air tightness

To built the own house is a once in a lifetime adventure and challenge, that especially self-builders want to succeed in the most professional and efficient way. It´s important to have the right (support) strategy selected for the different trades and construction stages. 

A good air tightness  performance is achievable by taking attention to following details:

  • Buy the required materials from a competent supplier, ideally with a proven experience in air tightness installation work
  • Book a consultation/ training prior to your installation, to learn some details and tricks upfront
  • Make sure you have paid attention to all relevant building details - the whole building envelope affects the air tight performance
  • Monitor the quality of your installation by performing a preliminary air tightness test during the construction stage


The earlier you create an air tightness strategy for your self-build, the better will be the result for the air tightness performance.

Modern houses nowadays do mostly have high insulation levels and well balanced heating systems in place. Sophisticated technologies like under floor heating, heat pumps or mechanical heat recovery ventilation do require a very good air tightness level, to perform as efficient as possible.

What support do you need for your air tightness?


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Please get in contact with us, to secure

the best air tightness for your project

Very good air tightness performance is the key for an energy efficient home nowadays.

The current building regulations for air tightness have been adjusted recently but we (and the majority of our clients) believe, that these values are still too high.

Our aim is, to deliver air tightness strategies to achieve maximum 1.5 ACH (air changes per hour) at 50 Pa differential pressure.

The earlier we´ll get involved in your project, the better we can create a strategy and guideline for the involved parties for taking care of the details during the different building stages.

Consultations can be delivered online (via video chat), in our office in Tralee or at your site.


With prices starting from EUR 50.00, we believe it´s one of the best investments for securing an energy efficient home.

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We supply an affordable range of air tightness products to clients all over Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Our shop and warehouse is located in Tralee, Co. Kerry but you can order all products online through our onlinestore.

We ship every day and the most orders will arrive the following day.


Click here to enter our onlineshop for air tightness products



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Plenty of companies and organisations do offer trainings and courses about air tightness. What we do not like in general  about the most of such events is the fact, that they´re mainly held in a conference room or in front of  a well-prepared display, far away from reality.

You will definitely learn something by listening and watching but the best progress is always achievable by practising.


Therefore prodomo Ireland delivers the requested air tightness training in groups of maximum 6 participants, focused on practical exercises in our training facility.

important update (12.07.2021):

We´re still in a pandemic with certain restrictions in place. If everything works well, we´ll might be in the position to deliver air tightness trainings from September 2021 again. We reserve the right to deliver the training only to fully vaccinated or recovered participants in the beginning.

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We can offer a professional support even for the case that you do not want to install the air tightness layers yourself. Over the years we have built up a reliable network of professional installers for the most parts of the country. 

By saying professionals we mean genuine professionals with attitude to deliver the best achievable air tightness results for your project.

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We highly recommend to check the overall quality of the installed air tightness layers before continuing the building work. 


To check the completeness of the air tightness layers and to allow the repair/ upgrade of damages & leaks.


Ideally when the installation of the complete air tightness layers is finished and the access to these layers (e.g. window tapes & air tightness membranes is still available.


By using a blower door machine to create a negative pressure inside of the building. The leakage detection can be performed by using devices like Anemometer, Smoke Machine or Thermal Imaging Camera.

What values should be considered?

Don´t be focused too much to values like air permeability and air changes. The main attention should be taken to the detection and sealing of existing leakages.

Is this test the same like the one for BER?

No. The one for the BER inclusion has to be done when the house is finished, to measure the final values. This test is more or less the quality control for your air tightness strategy and installation work.

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