Training for air tightness installations

     Some samples of workmanship, where a training course for air tightness installation is highly recommended

Air Tightness is becoming more and more mandatory and unfortunately some people do jump on to the bandwagon without having the appropriate knowledge about.


There are plenty of self-build & renovation websites and groups available on the internet and Facebook, offering trainings and courses about air tightness. Furthermore you have the option to book a training by some distributors for air tightness products.


What we do not like in general about all of these courses is the fact, that they´ll mostly held in a conference room of a hotel or somewhere else, far away from reality.

You will definitely learn something by sitting and listening to a presentation about air tightness but will it bring you into the position to do installation work yourself thereafter???


Air Tightness does not look that difficult in comparison to some other trades, but without a certain kind of knowledge and skills it can end in frustrating results.


We can supply you the required training to learn the skills for a professional and well performing air tightness installation.


To achieve the best results and to make it completely understandable, we supply such training on site, because reality beats theory always.