Affordable Air Tightness Products for all

We supply one of Ireland´s widest product range when it comes to air tightness, vapour control & water tightness.


  • Window Sealing Tapes from 50mm width up to 300mm width
  • Wide selection of Vapour Control Membranes
  • Air Tight Tapes for all requirements
  • Matching Sealants for Window Tapes and Vapour Control Membranes
  • Flashing Tapes for water tightness
  • Special Airtight Sealing System for window retrofit
  • Matching roof accesoires like Breather Membranes, Chimney Sealings, pre-fabricated Valleys  & eve planks                                           



No matter what kind of air tightness product you need, you´ll buy approved materials and full technical support here at prodomo Ireland.


We do not have a fancy marketing as most of our competitors, but by using all products ourself every day, we know exactly what you need and how to apply for the best results.