KSK Bitumen Flashing Tape



     Available dimensions:

  •   50mm x 15m
  •   75mm x 15m
  • 100mm x 15m
  • 150mm x 15m
  • 200mm x 15m
  • 250mm x 15m
  • 300mm x 15m
  • 350mm x 15m
  • 400mm x 15m

Fields of Application:

Ideal for water-tight sealing of door & window-floor joints, external window sills, connections to the building, facades, concrete joints, exterior basement walls, balconies & terraces, skylights, retaining walls and more.


Some substrates may need to be primed before application.Please ask for a detailed instruction how to proceed the flashing.

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Specs KONTEX Bitumen Flashing Tape, new.
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