Watertight Flashings protect against dampness

In our oppinion the most underestimated type of building sealing here in Ireland.

Many people still use DPC, Lead or just nothing to seal parts of the building against dampness.

Please consider that the wrong material can cause serious issues for the building structure.

Not many companies here in Ireland offer sophisticated solutions for water tight sealings. We have  different types of flashings in our portfolio:


1. KSK Bitumen Flashing - which is mostly used for external sealings on foundations

2. EX-treme plus 5000 - a complete vapour resistant flashing

3. Chimney Flashing - to seal roof areas instead of using lead


Our flashings are available in different widths between 50mm and 400mm. For a proper bonding we highly recommend the use of our standard primer upfront.

Here´s a small sample, how every entrance door should be sealed externally: