Predictive maintenance beats        emergency repairs

The average lifespan for domestic buildings is 80 years. It doesn´t mean that the house has to be knocked down totally afterwards, but it will definitely need a complete revamp. Every part of the building including building technology has a certain operating life. You should optimise the operating life expectancy by doing interval maintenance services. This has to be done for heating systems, mechanical parts like windows, roof constructions and much more.


We guarantee that a well planned predictive maintenance will cost less than

wearing the building by just doing emergency repairs and replacements.


The most unknown fact regarding building cost is the 20-80 rule.


20% of the total costs during a building lifespan have to spent to build the house, whilst 80% are running and maintenance costs.




You might realise now, how important facts like insulation, energy saving and building maintenance are.

prodomo Ireland is your partner for serious technical property management. We operate for your house on the same principle as you should do for your health:

"Prevention is better than curing."