Energy saving solutions are quite affordable



No matter if you´re a tenant, homeowner or owner of a business premise - energy saving is an important matter nowadays.

It was never easier to achieve good results by doing small adjustments or conversions.

We do consultation, supply only or complete installation to save your money.


     LED Lighting

LED bulbs and lights consume roughly ten times less energy than conventional light sources like halogen bulbs. They also operate on less heat dissipation and higher durability. Especially business and industrial facilities have a huge energy saving potential by using sophisticated LED technology.

Praeluce LED Street Lights

         PV Solar

PV Solar Panels produce electricity by converting sunlight. They don´t need full sunshine, just a certain amount of lumens to operate properly. Especially small pv off-grid systems for lighting, recharging batteries and running devices like fans or pumps are getting more and more popular. They operate totally noiseless.

PV Off-grid system


Air-to-Air Heat Pumps are the perfect solution for smaller buildings like mobile homes, granny-flats, holiday homes, conservatories, house extensions, small offices or shops. They cool or heat the room by blowing cold or warm air into. Air-to-air heat pumps are able to do dehumidification as well.

Thermal image of Air-toAir Heat Pump

Please feel free to ask for your customised energy saving solution.