Passive House Windows made in Germany

In the light of recent events:

Thank you for your interest in German passive house windows. Please notice that a qualified quotation will take time and creates expenditure for our company already. Furthermore we need much more details than " I´d like to get a quote for German passive house windows ". 

That´s why we decided, not to quote for general enquiries anymore, received by impersonal e-mail ("To whom it may concern").

You´re more than welcome to contact us by phone or personally and discuss your individual requirements.

Exceptional Houses require exceptional windows.


After 15 years of supplying and installing windows in Germany and another 5 years of observing the Irish window market, we decided to set up a distribution for high quality passive house windows made in Germany.

The most windows, we´ve seen (and touched) here in Ireland so far, do not convince ourself completely.

Some of the the so called aluclad windows do not deserve this name, because they just have a skinny aluminium layer instead of a real cladding. Another windows are coming with such a narrow frame where the hinges touch the plastered reveal and still others do not have a good locking mechanism.

Finally, 9 out of 10 window companies here in Ireland do not install their windows in an appropriate way to meet the requirements for fixing and insulation, which is an essential part for a passive house.

It is time for real German (passive house) windows now

We supply high quality German aluclad windows, made by Kneer Suedfenster. The company is one of the largest and long-established window manufacturer in Germany. 

If you´re in the market for an Aluclad window, please feel free to get in contact with us.

Beside an outstanding window quality, you´ll get the perfect installation and air tight sealing of your new window too.


We offer two types of aluclad windows - the traditional version with timber frame and a more economic version with uPVC on the inside. Both versions have a similar weather protection strategy on the outside - a rigid Aluclad frame, which is glued or welded in the corners.


No matter if you´re doing a new build or retrofit - prodomo Ireland in conjunction with Kneer Suedfenster will supply & install the perfect window* for you.


*Please notice that we do not supply sash & casement windows (outward opening windows) . We supply tilt-and-turn windows, sliding doors and fixed glazing only.

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