Wood Fibre Insulation is an alternative


It seems everyone wants to get the most efficient insulation and best u-values today. Unfortunately the most people totally forget easy physical principles, sustainability and pollution load.

The most chemical insulation products like Spray Foam, PIR insulation panels or external wall insulation boards can cause expensive follow-up costs because of structural damages, exhaust emissions and  still unknown disposal costs.

The nature offers working insulation solutions for millennia. The combination of natural products and sophisticated technologies creates suitable ecological insulation materials.


Wood Fibre Boards are made from renewable, coniferous wood which can be easily re-used/ recycled afterwards.

Wood Fibre Boards can be used for the insulation of roofs, external and internal walls, ceilings and floors.

Wood Fibre Boards protect against cold in the winter and heat in the summer.They also have good sound and fire protection behaviour.

Wood Fibre Boards are vapour permeable.

Their use lowers the risk of dampness and mould.

Wood Fibre Boards won´t cause evaporations which create irritations and allergic reactions.