Certified solutions against thermal bridging

It´s like everywhere in life - the detail creates the overall performance.


You can select the best certified components for your house but by using wrong installation materials you´re lowering the total performance. 

Especially when it comes to window installation, all the gain of a passive house window can be easily destroyed by poor installation materials and technologies.


We supply full certified window bracket systems, to prevent thermal bridging and allow to shift the window into the external insulation layer.

The high density EPS profile carries loads of 200kg per meter, ensures a good thermal conductivity and is completely rot-proof on long term. A patented dove tail joint allows to connect each profile to another and will create the required length for each window size.


Every single profile bar of the window bracket system has a length of 1,175mm and a width of 85mm. It is available in various depths from 70mm to 230mm, to allow the perfect match for all types of external wall insulation systems.


The system is completely certified (load, thermal bridging, sound proofing) and has the full approval of the Passive House Institute Darmstadt, Germany.

In addition to the certified window bracket system, we supply a certified fastening system as a replacement for the standard window straps. A conventional window strap is not adjustable to the different widths of the joint around the frame and can´t transfer the load of the window into the masonry in an efficient way. By using the certified fastening system, there´s no need for additional packers or wedges at the side of the window anymore.


Furthermore we provide a full range self expanding gap filling foam tapes, to achieve the best performance in regards to insulation and sealing for the joint around the window frame.