Zinc Galvanising Spray, 400ml


ZINC GALVANISING SPRAY is a fast-drying zinc rich anti- corrosion primer based on selected binder with a very high zinc content.


Examples of use:

- to repair damaged zinc coatings

- to re-galvanize drilling, cutting and welding points

- for base metal parts with above average corrosion protection



- adheres to almost all metals

- can overpainted without primer

- good electrical conductivity (can also be used as a spot welding color)

- creates a smooth and pore-free coating layer

- 92% Zinc in the dry film

- resistant to salt water


ZINC GALVANISING SPRAY is available in two different finishings:1. Silver - to match the hot-dipped galvanising finish

2. Dark Grey - for the best anti-corrosion whenever you do a paint coating afterwards




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