Rust Dissolver Spray, 400ml


RUST DISSOLVER SPRAY is a penetrating oil, which can be used as a lubricant as well.

It achieves a fast onset of action, especially on corroded metal compounds.

Useful in household, craft, industrial sector and the car industry.


Product Features:

- good creep and high capillary

- infiltrated and penetrates the rust

- prevents galling of threaded connections

- eliminates squeaking and creaking

- prevents leakage and improves the ability to contact

  on electrical components


Fields of application:

- for loosening rusted-in and corroded connections (screws, bolts, nuts)

- as disassembly help with rusted metal compounds

- for the permanent lubrication of screw, and sliding guides

- as a lubricant for bowden cables, chains, hinges, etc.

- as an aid in sub-assemblies to facilitate subsequent removal



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