Down Light Cover for recess lights

Downlight covers have been made to create an air tight layer around recess lights. It also allows the installation of insulation close around the light source without the risk that the insulation get singed by the heat generation of conventional light bulbs.


We supply two versions of down light covers:


The squared 95mm deep down light cover version, to allow sufficient space for insulation on top (behind) the cover. Due to the squared shape, the down light cover can be easier taped to the surface or air tight membrane.


dimension: 186 x 186 x 95mm

2 cable arches

no flange to fit closer to the rafter



The round 135mm deep down light cover version with a flange all round. This version is the better choice for retrofit because it can be sealed straight to the substrate due to the flange.


dimension: 165mm diameter x 135mm

2 cable arches


all round flange