Air tight extract system for cooker hoods

The perfect solution for air tight houses, where the occupier prefers an extracting cooker hood instead of a re-circulating (charcoal filter) version.

The air leakage rate for this cooker hood ducting kit was tested with 1.5m³/h at 50Pa differential pressure (depressurization). This value is equivalent to a total leakage area of a circle with 7mm diameter.


The air tight extract system includes:

- an internal wall outlet for 125mm/ 150mm diameter

- a telescopic rigid duct pipe, which is adjustable for all walls between 300mm and 580mm

- 2 backdraught dampers, installed in the slimmer duct pipe

- a stainless steel external hood with integrated sealants and a balanced opening mechanism


The system is available in 125mm and 150mm diameter.

The smaller version is for cooker hoods with an air flow rate of up to 500m³/h, whilst the bigger one covers up to 800m³/m.

We do not recommend the use of a standard 100mm system for modern cooker hoods, because the slim diameter will lower the efficiency of the hood.

To achieve the best results with the lowest noise pollution, you might need to integrate a silencer.

A short video about the external hood function is available on prodomo Ireland´s youtube channel.