Air Tight Hatch/ Access Door for 800mm x 900mm openings


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The bigger version of our standard Air Tight Hatches/ Access Doors comes in a dimension that allows proper access to HRV main units and even to bring almost every unit through the door opening.


The air tight hatch/ access door is made in Austria and has some unique features like a double locking mechanism, a 87mm thick hatch and an approved air tight class 4.

It can be installed horizontally, to allow an air tight access to the attic or vertically, to make crawl spaces accessable.

Because of the size, we highly recommend to install an additional safety catch (as mostly used on window sashes) in case of a horizontal installation for attic access.




•  tested to DIN EN 14975 (2007)


•  approved U-value 0,59 W/m²K (Ift Rosenheim Nr: 12-00646-PRO4)


•  airtight class 4 (DIN EN 1026)


•  2-point turning lock


•  insulated hatch with a thickness of 87 mm


•  no joints on all around seal



Air Tight Hatch, 800x900mm


  • 15 kg
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