EX-treme Structural Sealing Tape, variuos widths


KONTEX Ex-treme Structural Sealing Tape is a high performance and versatile sealing tape for the entire construction business.

It is vapour-resistant and can be used for internal and external sealings. The topside of the tape is covered with an aluminium film, which makes the tape more resistant.

This tape is 100% vapour-resistant, its sd value is  > 1,500.

It can be processed down to -5° Celsius.


Fields of application:

- for the proper sealing of the gaps beneath the door and window frames

- for the proper sealing of balcony connections

- for the proper sealing of wall and roof connections

- for the proper sealing of connections on foundations

- for emergency repairs/ sealings

- arround dome lights

- for connections on conservatories and facades

- for the roof sealing on mobile homes, caravans and sheds



Ex-treme Structural Sealing Tape


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