Belgacoat Spray - air tight paint for spray application

BelgaCoat SPRAY is a polymer paste, which creates an air tight and vapour resistant layer after drying.

Due to the application with a spray device,  BelgaCoat SPRAY is mostly used for commercial projects. This version is perfect to cover all sprayable air tight membrane applications from floor-to-wall junctions to complete envelope areas.

Belgacoat SPRAY has a good adhesion to the most substrates (even slightly moist surfaces) and can be painted or plastered after complete drying.


The air tight paint is available in two colours:

1.  dark blue, which turns black after full drying - for all concealed areas

2. white - for all areas, which get a finishing paint or skim coat only.


EMICODE: EC 1 plus - very low emmission


Belgacoat Spray can be applied by brush as well.