Belgacoat LR - liquid coating for air & water tightness

Belgacoat LR is our latest brushable  coating, which creates a water tight and UV resistant layer in addition to its air tight performance.  

The coating can be applied to almost every substrate and was mainly made for the sealing of difficult junctions at roof and foundation level. 


Areas of application:

- for joining roof membranes with bitumen felt (e.g flat roof to pitched roof)

- to make roof membranes water tight and uv resistant (e.g. felt into gutter)

- to replace bitumen flashing tapes (e.g. under door thresholds)

- to seal penetrations through the roof (e.g. around chimneys)


Belgacoat LR is also suitable to protect metal against corrosion. It can be applied to slightly damp substrates. The coating is dark brown and turns into black, once it is completely cured. The coating has a permanent elasticity (>1000%).

Belgacoat LR can be applied by brush or roller. The average consumption is 1 - 1.5 kg per layer and square meter.


Belgacoat LR is non-toxic and free of VOC´s (voluntile organic compounds).