BelgaTape YELLOW, internal air tight tape for timber boards, 60mm x 40m


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Belgatape YELLOW is the most rigid air tight tape in our product range. In contrast to our competitors, who recommend this type of tape for taping the overlaps of air tight membranes, we highly advise to use the Belgatape YELLOW for rigid membranes (e.g. Belgavar) and timber boards like OSB or Plywood only. The tape has the same high bonding performance as all air tight tapes of the Belgaclima product range. 



Carrier:         splash & dirt proof Kraft paper

Glue:             acrylic dispersion

Liner:            siliconised paper


Temperature Resistance:      -40°C to +80°C

Processing Temperature:      +8°C to +40°C

Storage Temperature:            + 10°C to +25°C (ideally 20°C)


Belgatape Yellow, 60mmx40m


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