Belgavar plus Air Tight & VCL Membrane - 1.5m x 50m, CE certified


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Belgavar plus is a vapour control layer and  air tightness membrane with humidity variable vapour resistance, to allow a better protection of challenging building structures like flat roofs or non-breathable insulation layers on the exterior side, such as PIR insulation on top of the rafter level. The membrane is able to change the sd value in a range between 0.9m and 12m.

The fleece reinforcement at the backside of Belgavar plus makes the membrane suitable for heavy insulation materials like cellulose.





Dimension (EN 1848-2):   50 m x 1,50 m / 75m²

Weight (EN 1849-2):          130 ± 10% g/m²

sd value (EN 1931):            0.9 m < sd < 12 m

Fire class (EN 13501):        class E





The following preconditions must be strictly followed:

• no shadow on the roof from trees, terraces, solar panels etc.

• dark-grey or black roofing

• a blower door test to check the qualified installation is mandatory

• only a highly vapour-permeable finish on the inside  e.g. plasterboard or fibreboard is allowed

• green roofs are only possible to a maximum thickness of 120mm (50mm ballast and 70mm substrate)

• the timber (roof) structure must be kept dry during the construction phase

• not suitable for permanent damp spaces such as saunas and swimming pools


Belgavar plus, 1.5 x 50m


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