Nail Sealing Tape, 40mm x 25m


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The Nail Sealing Tape can be used for various applications:

  • For the sealing of external battens on the roof structure to prevent the ingress of water through the nail perforations.
  • To make internal vapour control & airtight membranes tighter, by installing the tape to the rafters and  joists before applying the membrane
  • To improve the sound absorption of wooden beam ceilings by installing the tape between the joists and the plywood
  • For the acoustic decoupling of MF ceilings and stud walls to the building shell.


Single-sided tape made of closed-cell PE foam and coated with acrylic adhesive.

Application temperature (min-max): +5°C to +40°C

Dimension: 40mm x 25m

Nail Sealing Tape


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