prodomo HD air tightness membrane - for heavy duty applications

Our prodomo ECO heavy duty air tight and vapour control membrane has generally the same performance values for air tightness and vapour control like our prodomo ECO membrane. The only difference is the stronger fabric, which leads to a heavier and more resistant membrane. The functional film for air tightness and vapour control is protected by a non-wooven layer top and bottom,The prodomo ECO heavy duty membrane is the perfect choice for applications like ducon wrap or cellulose insulation.



Dimension: 1.5 x 50m / 75m²

sd value: 10

Vapour-permeability: 2-3 g/m²/24h

Weight: ~130 gr. /m²

Water Tightness: W1

UV Resistance: up to 2 months

Weight per roll: ~9.8 kg