prodomo ECO - one of the most competitive air tightness membranes for Ireland

prodomo ECO  air tight and vapour control membrane is generally doing exactly the same as all competitor membranes on the market - it creates the required barrier for air tightness and vapour control. 



Dimension: 1.5 x 50m / 75m²

sd value: 10

Vapour-permeability: 2-3 g/m²/24h

Weight: ~85 gr. /m²

Water Tightness: W1

UV Resistance: up to 2 months

Weight per roll: ~6.5 kg


What else do you need, to create a complete air tight layer for your roof/ ceiling?

prodomo BLACK air tight tape - to tape the overlaps and penetrations

prodomo BLUE air tight sealant - to bond the membrane to the blockwork

Staples - to fix the membrane to joists and rafters

Belgatape Split air tight tape - to tape the membrane to (roof) window frames