PICHLER Elastocell® - patented air tight foam

PICHLER Flex Closed Foam is the original flexible foam with mainly closed cell structure and protected by international patents. Similar foams of competitors - no matter if they called Flexifoam, Thermofoam or however - just replicating this innovative invention.

  • Air Tight up to 600 Pa (test report B04.812.002.100)
  • Resistant to driving rain up to 600 Pa (test report B04.812.002.100)
  • Good thermal conductivity (λ= 0.039W/m²K)
  • High sound proofing performance of up to 63dB
  • Elongation at break: 75%
  • Durable flank adhesion even with component movement up to 33%
  • usable from +5°C to +25°C
  • temperature resistant from -40°C to +80°C (+100°C for a short period)
  • EMICODE EC1-R PLUS “very low emissions”
  • purple colour

Approved quality gun grade foam, made in Austria.