PICHLER AirFix® Foam for roof windows, attic stairs and timber frame structures, 750ml can


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PICHLER AirFix® is recommended since 2013 by VELUX Austria for the sealing around their roof windows. The foam creates a wind tight, air tight and well insulated sealing layer between the roof structure and the roof window frame. 

PICHLER AirFix® can be used for timber frame structures as well, e.g. sealing standard windows, filling gaps between timber joists and masonry or sealing around attic stairs & hatches.


  • Air Tight up to 1,000 Pa 
  • Good thermal conductivity (λ= 0.035W/m²K)
  • High sound proofing performance of up to 62dB
  • Durable flank adhesion even with component movement up to 30%
  • usable from +5°C to +30°C
  • temperature resistant from -50°C to +80°C (+100°C for a short period)
  • EMICODE EC1-R PLUS “very low emissions”
  • orange colour


Approved quality foam, made in Austria.


Please note that the surface should be moistened with water before applying the foam and the foam should be moistened afterwards too. We highly recommend to use a bottle sprayer for this purpose. To create the best (finest) cell structure of the foam, it is essential to use a 70mm (minimum) long extension nozzle , placed at the top of the foam gun. Joints with a width of more than 30mm should be foamed in several steps.



PICHLER AirFix® Foam, 750ml


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