PU Foam Cleaner, 500ml


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aerosolsdirect.ie PU Foam Cleaner is an effective cleaner for non-porous surfaces such as plastics, coatings and metals.
This acetone-based cleaner removes quickly fresh polyurethane foam and other adhesives from all smooth surfaces, tools and accessories.

With the supplied adapter it is suitable for the internal and external cleaning of foam guns.

How to use:
To remove fresh sprayed and not yet hardened foam, install the black valve on the spray can.
Spray the foam cleaner on the foam you want to remove, let it soak briefly and then wipe the area with a dry cloth.
For cleaning the inside of the foam gun screw this can instead of a regular foam can on the foam gun and pull the gun trigger until no
more foam comes out.

Foam Cleaner, 500ml


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