KONTEX K2 - the Airtight Sealing System for replacements


What are you do regarding airtightness when it comes to window and door replacement?

Airtight tapes are mostly not suitable because there´s almost no space for hiding them.


Our KONTEX K2 Airtight Sealing System is the ideal solution for a full working airtight sealing of small joints around windows. In conjunction with our Backer Rod and suitable insulation material, you can create a full approved window sealing system.


How does it work?

The KONTEX K2 Airtight System consits of two different sealants. The red K2 sealant tube seals the internal joint around the window whilst the blue K2 sealant tube is made for the external window joint. The sealants are available in different colours and can be plastered or painted afterwards. The K2 Airtight system is suitable for all kind of windows and doors.


Features of K2 Airtight Sealing System:

- Water Vapour Diffusion of 8000µ (blue) and 50,000 (red)

- resistant against driving rain up to 600 pa (blue)

- weather and UV resistant

- permanently elastic

- compatible with paint coats

- approved sealing system (tested & approved by the ift Rosenheim, Germany)



The KONTEX K2 Airtight Sealing System is certified by ift Rosenheim and meet the stringent criterias for airtight sealings regarding EnEV and DIN 4108-7.






K2 Airtight Sealant


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