PICHLER FD300® - air tight sealant for retrofit

How do you ensure an air tight sealing around door and window frames in case of retrofit?

Air tight tapes can´t be used in the most cases, because nobody wants to have them visible.


PICHLER FD300® is the approved sealant for a functional air tightness layer around windows and doors. In conjunction with PICHLER Flex Closed Foam it creates a certified sealing system (rain proof, insulation, sound proofing & air tightness) with a 30 year functional guarantee. 


How does it work?

The PICHLER Window Sealing System consits of two components. PICHLER Flex Closed Foam has to be used for filling the joint around the window, to create the required rain proof, highly insulated and sound proof layer. Once the foam is cured and trimmed,  PICHLER FD300® will be applied on the inside of the foam layer to create the air tight and vapour control layer. Joint widths of up to 30mm can be sealed in one operation. Once the sealant ist cured, it can be painted over or covered with plaster.



Specs of PICHLER FD300®:

Base material:                        hybrid polymer

Colour:                                    white

Temperature resistance:      -40°C to +100°C

Processing temperature:      +5°C to +30°C

Shore hardness:                    25-30 (shore A, cured sealant)

Elongation at break:             300%

Resilience:                              70%

Skin Building Time:               10-15 minutes

Setting Time:                         40 hours (2mm thickness, 20°C / 50° rel. humidity)

UV resistance:                        passed

sd value:                                 approx. 4.2m (cured layer of 2mm thickness)



The complete  PICHLER  Window Sealing System is approved by RAL (German quality mark for window installation) and ÖNorm B5320 (Austrian standard). The components have been tested and certified by various testing bodies like ift Rosenheim (Germany), Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics (Germany), OFI (Austria) and TU Graz (Austria). All certs are available on request.